Deslog Energy Services Limited in partnership with World Safety Organization (WSO) USA and Chartered Institute of Project Management Ghana under the auspieces of Chatered Institute of Wayhousing and Material Management of Nigeria is set to train and certify Nigerians in industry high demanding professional courses that will definitely boost their chances of employment into all sectors of economy both in Nigeria and abroad, more especially the oil & gas industry.

For several years most Nigerians have developed their careers in one area (profession) making them to be limited when it comes to job opportunities; in order words, when there no opportunity for people in that profession then there will be no other profession to divert. This gap found in our skill development system has seriously encouraged the continues hiring of expatriates to handle almost all the professional jobs in major sectors of economy leaving Nigerian youths unemployed despite the fact that Nigeria is the producers of rich with lots of resources.

To close this gap, we have designed this special career diversification training and certification program targeted at  all Nigerians both students of higher institutions, graduates from all disciplines,  technicians, engineers, medical personnel, managers, supervisors, employed and unemployed Nigerians who desire for job employment.



Interested participant will be trained on the five (5) listed courses for a discounted fee of N65,000. The training is desiged to be free while the payment covers registration and certification.



HSE Level 1 N20,000
HSE Level 2 N20,000
HSE Level 3 N20,000
Project management (PMBOK) N50,000

Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015.

(Internal Auditor Course)



The original fee for the above listed 3 courses is 180,000 but you will pay only N65,000 (and save N105,000). No hidden charges. Payment covers: registration and Certifications, the training is FREE. Don't miss this wonderful opportunity presented to you.



Health Safety and Environment has become a prerequisite for employment in all industries in Nigeria irrespective of your descipline and area of specialization, Federal republic of Nigeria has manded all employers of labour to take health and safety of their employee serious, in that regards, all companies now compulsolrily demands HSE knowledge and certification from their new intakes There is so much job opportunitiesin HSE and enrolling in this training will definately qualify you for one.

Quality management and quality control is very important in every organization that wishes to remain in business weather production company or service providing company irrespective of their size. There is so much job opportunitiesin Quality Management  and enrolling in this training will definately qualify you for one. The training will be conducted using ISO standard which is the most recognized and acceptable quality standard in the world.

Every company involves in projects either internal or external projects and project management team, managers, supervisors or coordinators are always in high demand. This certificate will definately give you an edge over your competitors in the labour market irrespective of your profession.



Training Location

 Training Start Date

 Duration  Time

Lagos (6th Batch)

Mon. 19th - Sat. 24th Mar, 2018 6 Days 9am

Lagos (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st Mar, 2018 6 Days 9am

Port Harcourt (6th Batch)

Mon. 19th - Sat. 24th Mar, 2018

6 Days 9am

Port Harcourt (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st Mar, 2018 6 Days 9am

Ibadan (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st Mar, 2018 6 Days 10am

Warri (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st Mar, 2018

6 Days 9am

Abuja (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st Mar, 2018 6 Days 9am

Enugu (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st March, 2018 6 Days 9am

Kaduna (Final Batch)

Mon. 26th - Sat. 31st March, 2018 6 Days 9am



Training Location

 Training Start Date

 Duration  Time


Saturday 17th March, 2018 6 Saturdays 9:30am - 3:30pm

Port Harcourt

Saturday 17th March, 2018

6 Saturdays 9:30am - 3:30pm


Saturday 17th March, 2018 6 Saturdays 9:30am - 3:30pm


Saturday 17th March, 2018 6 Saturdays 9:30am - 3:30pm


Distance Learning/Online Training:

Distance learning/online training is available to those who cannot locate our training center in their locality. After registration and payment of at least 100% of the total fee, you will be given access to the training material where you will attend training at your convenience.Thereafter your certificates will be shipped to your location within 2 weeks after completion. You can also pick up your certificate from any of our offices. Distance learning for this program will  end on the 31st of March 2018. Each participant has maximum of one month from the day of registration to complete this program.



► Registration Fee: ₦5,000 (Compulsory for all participants)

► Certificate processing fee: ₦60,000 (Compulsory for all participants)



► The training is Free, you are only paying for registration and certification

► Job consultation & Assistance is Free

► Free training on CV packaging

► Assistance to interested participants to register as associate member of  World Safety Organization (WSO) USA for a subsidized fee of N20,000 only



Participants are required to pay at least N5,000 registration fee immediately after submission of their registration form to complete their registration process and reserve their seat. Certificate fee of N60,000 must be paid at the training venue on the commencement day. Though participant can be allowed to pay in two (2) times installment but payment must be completed on or before the last day of the training.



At the end of the training, participants will be issued the following five (5) international certificates that is acceptable anywhere in the world.

HSE level 1, 2 & 3 certificates (These 3 certificates will be issued directly by World Safety Organization, USA)

Project Management Certificate (This certificate will be issued in partnership with Chartered Institute of project Management, Ghana)

Quality Management System (QMS) ISO 9001:2015 Internal Auditor Certificate (This certificate will be Issued directly by Deslog Energy Services Limited, IRCA approved training provider)



  • Option 1: Click HERE to Register
  • Option 2: Visit any of our offices to obtain the registration form
  • Option 3: Sms your email address and training code (PTJE2018) to: 0805 389 1089 to receive the registration form in your inbox
  • For corporate booking contact: 08038787766

Register early and reserve your seat, we currently have limited space.



  • The training is free you will only pay for registration and certificate processing fee
  • participants will be issued four different international certificates which is recognized worldwide and accepted locally
  • Participants will have over 83% chances of securing jobs into oil & gas midstream and downstream sectors of economy
  • Free registration into our Jobconnect portal for job updates and employment assistance
  • Free career counseling and CV packaging
  • With the help of our technical partners abroad, we will equally assist interested participants in traveling to gulf countries (Qatar, UAE, Kuwait, Oman, Bahrain etc.) for jobs and further studies.
  • The training will be delivered by professionals, licensed trainers with several years of field experience in Safety practices and oil & gas management
  • Assistance to register as a professional member of  National Industrial Safety Council of Nigeria (NISCN)


  • All graduates  (irrespective of the discipline)
  • Every one seeking a certification to secure employment into the oil and gas industry
  • Anyone who want to engage in Transport and Logistic job
  • Everyone who needs professional counseling in career pathway 
  • Undergraduates,
  • Graduates (B. Eng, BA, B. Tech, Bsc, NCE, OND, HND etc.) holders who want to work or working in Oil & Gas Midstream and Downstream sectors of economy,
  • Anyone who want to work as HSE officer or supervisor in reputable organizations